now uses HTTPS


For a while I’ve been considering changing my site to use HTTPS rather than plain HTTP. As people’s privacy has becoming increasingly important on the internet, an important piece is to encrypt internet traffic.

This was something I wanted to learn about along with internet caching and speeding up website loading. This involved installing a SSL certificate (now down to $0), installing a caching plugin for WordPress, and enabling Cloudflare.

While getting this all to play nicely wan’t a difficult task, it was certainly an eye opener to when I first setup websites for companies and friends. The amount of automation and infrastructure to enable these tools is certainly amazing. If you’re curious about some of the details, hit me up!

So now as of today, is fully operating under HTTPS and running blazingly fast. Old HTTP links now simply redirect to HTTPS which means anyone no one will be snooping in on you reading about secret LabVIEW and Continuous Integration techniques! 🙂

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